The F.I.C.A. Unlimited Group, Inc financial partner will assist our clients with exercising their options to obtain funding for any financial purpose. You have more options than you realize and we introduce to you what your lenders and banks do not want to tell you. This is called the “Capital Re-Position Enhanced Structured Transaction Fund (C.R.E.S.T. Fund)”.
The Capital Re-Position Enhanced Structured Transaction Fund is designed for any person who would like to correct their credit health as well as supplement their current income or retirement plan that is placing a vice holding grip on their financial health.
With our Financial Capital Administration Platform, our clients are able to increase their income in 60 months as well as retire penalty free. Let’s say this again. Your platform allows you to retire in 60 months penalty free.
Through our Financial Capital Administration Platform, the C.R.E.S.T. Fund provides anyone that has a desire to receive additional benefits outside of their income or retirement benefits that gives breathing room to maneuver easily without penalties & restrictions. This platform works as an income supplementation with compelling features such as;
Monthly Residual Income
Additional Retirement Funding
Retirement Protection
Retirement Bonus Income
Credit Enhancements
Online Banking
The phrase “Cash is King” will remain at the top of the food chain. The variations that partake in this endeavor to assist clients in retaining their capital is a task we approach with great care and understanding. We do understand the concept of “OPM” (Other People’s Money). Trade lines are very essential to receiving cash when applying for funding. By having trade lines reflecting on a persons’ credit report is what determines the person’s credibility and lending worthiness.
We offer special finance assistance to boost credit scores to 700 or higher. Through this structure, our financial partners and creditors are willing to add seasoned trade lines to clients who are short with meeting the standard minimum credit requirements. The most important fact we can apply to this concept is that we exercise the alternatives first before resorting to the direct monetary principals in which is applied to the client.
In other words, our financial partners will add seasoned trade lines to client’s primary credit report to guarantee 100% financial backing as well as use this as a way to liquidate our unsecured funds. 
What is the C.R.E.S.T. Fund?
The C.R.E.S.T. Fund is the financial remodel for clients with slightly below average credit. This fund does not offer credit repair however, we offer second chances to those who wish to “wipe the slate clean” and re-establish a new credit history.
The C.R.E.S.T. Fund gives the client the mobility and flexibility to start fresh and begin rebuilding their primary credit file, receive guaranteed funding and avoid primary lending complications.
In addition, this program provides clients with credit and financial management options with FDIC insured bank accounts up to $250,000.00.
If there is one thing that we are taught in our life is that in order to eliminate a problem, you must know the source of the problem. How does that old expression go? Make enough money to get by but not enough to live.
The one constant cycle is being in a position and feeling like your life is in a financial choke hold because if it’s not one thing, it’s another. The question we would ask is why are you putting out and not receiving back?
If you were ever dreading your credit before, now you don’t have to because the advantage of a C.R.E.S.T. Fund is that it will turn credit dreading into happy credit! 
A client can still receive 100% financial backing however there will be some additional steps taken by receiving special lenders assistance before these conditions can be met such as:
  • Add valued seasoned trade lines to their primary credit if score ranges from 500 – 649
  • Select wholesale seasoned trade lines to increase primary score to a 700+
C.R.E.S.T. Fund Services
Account Type
Clean Slate 
This account is our ground zero personal credit profile and basic starter service. By setting up this account, the client will begin leaning towards new financial openings that were once not available.
Receive a personalized credit sweep to remove delinquent items. Get your personal credit report analyzed and eliminate hard inquiries.
Get cash leveraging advantages to receive funding on primary social security by receiving flexible funding for new start-ups or business expansion’s…
Special financing up to $250,000.00
For those of you who are believers, the greatest gift God has given us is FREE WILL TO CHOOSE! So why is credit an obligation and not a choice? The unfortunate condition of an enslaved mind without FREE WILL fears not having what is already entitled to you stripped away. Because we are a full management service, it is our first response to gather financial data from our candidates to advise the best course of action. This allows our managers and clients to route their financial burdens to a streamline approach that places our clients on their financial fast track.
Our C.R.E.S.T. Fund is designed to fit and meet our client’s credit and financial needs.