The nature of our business is loan management. We service a variety of industries such as;
Small & Mid-Size Businesses
Because of our strong financial background, we are the first to open a unique lending platform that offers three opportunities to borrowing clients to receive 100% financial backing. 
A lending platform that lends and manages the borrowing clients unsecured funding by offsetting any future accrued interest. In other words, our borrowing clients do not pay interest on the loan.
With our financial leveraging abilities, our lending parameter’s gives us the mobility to support any purpose developments and financially backing 100% of the pre-qualified borrowing clients.
We can arrange 100% financial backing for borrowing clients;
1.      Who meet our minimum personal credit requirements to receive unsecured funding ranging from $10,000 to $250,000
2.      Who meet our business start-up capital credit requirements to receive $50,000 to $300,000 with 0% interest for 12-18 months
The service’s called the Capital Management Service Plan. The service is for borrowing clients who have small to mid-size projects (typically $100K to $10M) or other private financial obligations that requires financial backing.
Our service offers loan financing and supports 100% funding. And through our Capital Management Services, we offer three fund enhancement services to assist our borrowing clients with receiving capital.
To acquire 100% financial backing, clients must meet one of the two options available.
Credit Requirements
We are backed by a team of private investors and lenders who have millions of dollars to give away. By having access to these funds, this allows our organization to obtain these funds without any long financial red tape that traditional lenders may require.
Through our prestige lending and private investment network, we offers short term personal / business funding to clients in as little as 30 days.
We are working with clients with credit scores ranging from 650 and up who are eligible in most cases to receive funding from lenders however most lenders require 700 + credit scores. Unfortunately, not all lenders are created equal.
Because our lenders have millions to lend, our lenders are interested in assisting clients with receiving funding. Our lenders are practically given away money due to the amount of funds circulating.
To make lending favorable to the client, our lenders are creditors who report to all three (3) credit bureaus and because this is advantageous to the lender, it behooves the lender to authorize seasoned trade lines in favor of the client.
The nail is out the coffin and yes, our lenders are offering special financing to those with credit scores ranging from 500 to 649 to receive added seasoned trade lines to their primary credit report.
Because our individual trade lines are constantly updated, we cannot provide prices however, we can quote based on availability. Some of our creditors are Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Discover, Citi Bank, Barclays to name a few.
These seasoned trade lines are added to our client’s credit report typically when a report history is not sufficient and requires additional history.
Business funding will require clients to have a minimum two year history or we can assist our clients with purchasing a 2+ year aged corporation.