Our program does not require you to transfer title or ownership to your lender before you are provided with your funding, although you do need your account to be at the lending institution (one of four major U. S. brokerages). As noted, there is no messy documentation to sign; your licensed lending institution will handle the process with your consent.
There is no sale of your securities as a condition to funding, thus no taxable event occurs unless you yourself choose to sell your securities (or you were to default on your loan).
Leverage Credit Line clients come looking for great financing first — not professional portfolio investment management services. So those services (and fees) are optional when you apply through our financial partner.
And if you do want your account professionally managed? That option is always available to you through this program. The only difference is that you’ll get stellar account management services at a significant savings over what you are currently paying, and it will come with a raft of free add-on’s as well.
(If you have a managed account at your existing brokerage, you will be pleasantly surprised at our offer for the same services via our partners at UBS, Schwab, or Pershing depending on the size of your account).
All Leverage Credit Line interest rates are based on a discounted “house” rate (an institution-determined figure based on various indicators) that is keyed to the size of the credit line offer; to this is added a smaller increment based on 30-day (monthly) LIBOR at the top of the month.
Over the past eight years this LIBOR add-on has ranged from .14 to .44. Thus if the base rate is 2%, and the monthly LIBOR rate was .44, the interest rate for that month would be 2.44% applied to the entire balance (figure assumes client chose to take all $154K out; whatever is drawn and outstanding will be the principal:
  • Portfolio Value: $200,000
  • Loan to Value: 77%
  • Loan/Credit Line Value: $154,000
  • Rate base (2%) + current monthly LIBOR (.44): 44%
  • Annualized: 2.44% * outstanding balance ($154,000) = $3,758
  • Divided by 12 for amount due: $313 due this month on $154,000 loan
  • Our partners and your credit line managers: UBS, Schwab, or Pershing.
We provide alternative funding backed our credit facility and managed asset portfolio’s. 
We assist our domestic and foreign stock holders on the various financial strategies required to be successful in their profession.