The most important aspect of our business is service. It is our variety of networks that allows us to present easy to use and receive services that compliment your financial outcome. The F.I.C.A. Unlimited Group, Inc is proud to be a part of our clients success. Because we are keen on building your success through our financial partners, we are going to provide you with service descriptions of services offered. 
Service Offer #1 – Asset Management Allocations
Our asset management provides clients with the flexibility to purchase wholesale prime bank instruments at below market prices. This service allows the client to use the prime bank instruments as owned assets to be collateral for goods, services, trade finance and projects. Our asset management provides the client the option to receive swift or paper form assets via MT760 or MT700.
The asset management allocation also offers the client the ability to issue their own rated and non rated bank instruments to be received for monetization. The LTV will always vary and will always be determined by the strength of the issuing bank. With this asset management allocation, its able to receive other assets that are not bank regulated such as luxury items, stocks, in-ground assets, commodities and other valued assets that can be backed by top banks. For this asset allocation, the client will be required to issue or purchase a MT700 to receive monetization against non rated assets.
Service Offer # 2 –  Private Placements & Manage Buy Sells
What Is A Private Placement?
Or non-public offering is a funding round of securities which are sold not through a public offering, but rather through a private offering, mostly to a small number of chosen investor’s. The sale of securities to a relatively small number of select investor’s as a way of raising capital.
Investors involved in private placements are usually large banks, mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds. Private placement is the opposite of a public issue, in which securities are made available for sale on the open market.
Since a private placement is offered to a few, select individuals, the placement does not have to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
In many cases, detailed financial information is not disclosed and the need for a prospectus is waived. Finally, since the placements are private rather than public, the average investor is only made aware of the placement after it has occurred.
There are many project funding programs available however there are none that are performing like this! This private organization has reshaped the financial industry and how money is used to induce the economy.
And with their being millions available and allocated to project funding, this private organization has removed the word “payback” out of the equation and has no problem funding. The private organization is privately in-housed with its assets, credit lines and trading platforms based in Australia & Paris.
This program offers a structured manage buy sell backed by top rated instruments. The platform purchases and resales fresh cut medium term notes (MTN’s) to its end buyers and utilizes the profits earned to fund global projects at 100% on a non-recourse basis. 
Here are the highlights;
Funding all project types on a non-recourse basis
Funds personal projects from $1,000,000.00 to $49,999,999.99
Funds small to mid-size business developments from $50,000,000.00 & up
No equity position requirements (Keep 100% of your project)
No credit check requirements
Service Offer #3 – Mortgage Advantage Plan
This loan management funding is very unique. It offers the borrowing client an income advantage that no other fund provides. With this fund, the borrowing client is able to purchase or pay-off their home without any future mortgage interest attachments.
The fund offers borrowing clients the opportunity to reduce 99% of their mortgage payments, cut cost by 5/6th the time and own their home free and clear.
Service Offer #4 – The C.R.E.S.T. Fund
The Capital Re-Position Enhanced Structured Transaction Fund, this trade line funding service is for borrowing clients who are not able to meet our minimum credit requirements however fall into our special lenders guidelines. This service provides borrowing clients financial assistance with boosting their primary credit to a 700+ credit score in 90 days or less. It offers borrowing clients with below average credit to financially redeem themselves without the hassles of going through an extensive credit repair program.
This is our second chance financial re-structured service for borrowing clients who require a “fresh start”, a clean slate if you will. This gives our borrowing clients the opportunity to hit the reset button and correct poor financial decision as well as providing a peace of mind.
We offer our borrowing clients a financial boost if you will to get them over the threshold. Because our lenders are interested in getting our borrowing clients unsecured funding approved, our lenders are willing to add seasoned trade lines to the borrowing client’s primary credit report in order to get guaranteed approvals. In addition, it helps advance our lending program for future extended cash lines.
Service Offer #5 – The B.O.S.S. Fund
This fund is perfect for borrowing clients with start-ups. This allows our borrowing clients to receive zero (0%) interest funding for up to 18 months. The Business Owner Start-Up Solution Fund provides an appealing funding re-position to its borrowing clients allowing our candidates to receive full financial benefits of earning monthly income interest free for up to 18 months. In addition, the interest is further mitigated by our business development funding.
This makes perfect for the business to thrive with future financial complication such as having lack of working capital or not being able to expand. With this fund, this gives our borrowing clients 100% confidence to run their business without business failure moving forward. This is your B.O.S.S. Fund.