Our financial partners are always looking for financial pioneers that take interest in humanitarian developments. The foundation represented by F.I.C.A. Unlimited Group, Inc is a private international trade finance foundation. They work with corporate structures and world organizations.
The foundation aligns itself with hedge funds, private investors and bankers to provide long term financial services throughout the world. Their focus is global development and looking to acquire vacant commercial and distressed properties with this to include industrial sites.
The foundations purpose is to help project developers acquire manageable property as well as partake in substantial revenue shares. With this service, the foundation will acquire these properties and structure these buildings as a service mechanism. The foundation will implement developments based on the communities needs. In other words, the foundation will assess the communities in which the residence reside and build new and existing buildings to fit the service in demand.
This is the called the Project R.E.S.E.T. Fund. The Project R.E.S.E.T. Fund is a special project development platform offering to Rebuild Everything Starting Everywhere Today. 
The Project R.E.S.E.T. Fund is a unique platform for developers to assist us with raising capital for projects globally. However, we have a strong interest in distressed and non-operational residential, commercial and industrial sites. 
This formation is categorized as a variety of developments  and to give example to our structure such as hospitals, medical centers, sports clinics, job training facilities, out reach programs, assisted living services, recreation programs, re-integration communities projects such as prison inmate release services and much more.
Start today by helping us change your community and create the services you require. Let us be your structure and back bone for the future developments. Give your donations and lets build together.
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