How would you like to exchange your credit for cash?
Our credit card monetizing program offers credit card owners immediate cash against their credit lines at a discount. We work with all major credit cards. We are private international cash administrators with an in house credit facility that’s stepping into a new era that is changing the funding market. As international cash administrators, we have cornered the credit card market providing alternative financial services for the personal and business person.
How would you like to receive funding for your personal and business needs without borrowing from the banks?
F.I.C.A. Unlimited Group, Inc financial partner provides access to fast cash without taking credit card owners through the financial red tape of lenders. Like most people, any person that could get access to quick and easy money would avoid the loan interest fees and approval process.
Our financial partner works opposite of lenders and we help you get access to cash quickly without the hassle of meeting lender credit requirements. We work with you to get the funds needed for any financial purpose and most importantly, there is no interest repayments, ever! 
We assist you with receiving cash for projects, private and businesses purchases, trade finance, private placements and much more. Walk away today with immediate cash with little to no paperwork. All you have to do is be a person with a financial plan and we work with you the rest of the way to get you cash.
How To Qualify;
  1. Must own a major credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express)
  2. Have a minimum credit limit of $10,000.00 or in a currency of equal value
  3. A valid bank account
  4. Proof of Identity (D/L, P/P, ID)
  5. Utility bill, credit card or bank statement (no older than 90 days)
  6. A brief financial summary (use of funds letter)
Our credit card monetizing advancement services both U.S. and International credit card owners. We work with you to get the cash needed and assist you with monetizing your credit lines.
How It Works;
A. The process is simple and easy. The credit card owner will authorize our monetizing credit facility to draw the credit from its credit card to our receiving bank.
B. The credit card owner will inform us of their maximum credit limit and credit limit frequency.
C. Once the credit card owner credit line is authenticated, we begin the discount monetizing process.
D. Credit card owner receives first cash advancement within three (3) business days up to $25,000.00
E. Regular scheduled tranches to follow. This is based on credit card owners credit and frequency limitations 
Our financial partner makes special arrangements for credit card owners to receive lump sum payments. This service is based on the credit card owners banks ability to transfer credit lines on a bank to bank basis.
We work to provide funding for your personal and business needs and can assist with offering special purpose vehicles.