What Is A Leverage Credit Line?
To summarize what a Leverage Credit Line is a wholesale-rate loan with no or minimal lender-side fees or costs, higher LTV, and faster delivery with as little documentation as possible given the asset type and client background.
Leverage Credit Line leaves the kind of low-profile footprint typical high net-worth clients require. It is highly confidential and secure, despite being delivered by a major fully-licensed SIPC/FINRA institution, and except in rare cases, is not reported to credit bureaus regardless of type of collateral unless requested by client.
All Leverage Credit Lines regardless of collateral type are designed to be a significant cut above common asset financing. Leverage Credit Line serves these and other needs:
Those who need a quick tax payment solution when a major bill arrives.
Those who seek to have very low-cost line of credit as “insurance cash”.
Those who have medical or family emergencies requiring cash quickly.
Those seeking a way to pay for college without putting their child in debt.
Those who are “net worth rich” but “liquidity poor.”
First-time franchisees or business acquirers needing additional operating capital.
Our services include but limited to;
Purchasing Real Estate
Starting or Expanding a Business i.e. Franchises
Equity Finance
Requirements are simple:
  • Portfolio value between $1 million and $300 million
  • Very solid volume of trading (We can take three times the average trading volume in shares as guarantee for this credit line)
When ready to proceed, you client will need to be ready to provide
·         A passport with a clear picture ID area and
·         A copy of a recent brokerage statement
We will issue a term sheet typically within one business day. From that point, the client and lender will proceed to open the line.
Please note: We do not accept Medium-Term Notes (MTNs), SBLCs (Standby Letters of Credit), Structured Settlements, OSEPs, Land/Real Estate, or Insurance Annuities as collateral for this Leverage Credit Line program, or securities that are part of an IRA/Keogh plan (must be removed from IRA before opening of loan).